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Vanessa-Mae plays Toccata & Fugue

Arabian Nights (TV miniseries)

Arabian Nights is a two-part 2000 American/British miniseries, adapted by Peter Barnes (his last film) from Sir Richard Francis Burton's translation of the medieval epic One Thousand and One Nights. Mili Avital and Dougray Scott stars as Scheherazade and Shahryar respectively. Produced by Dyson Lovell and directed by Steve Barron, the serial was a made by Hallmark Entertainment and originally broadcast over two nights on 30 April and 1 May 2000 on BBC One in the United Kingdom[1] and ABC in the United States.[2]

Vanessa-Mae - Reflection

Vanessa-Mae - Violin Fantasy

Vanessa Mae - I Will Always Love You

Vanessa Mae - Matrix Reloaded Mix

Vanessa-Mae - Hijo de la Luna...

Vanessa Mae - Krasnoyarsk 29.06.2012

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